How can I find the most affordable online therapy service?

Today, we’re introducing the most affordable online therapy service in UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

iCareWellbeing is transforming the way people access mental health support and professional counseling services in UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, offering high-quality care therapy sessions for only $25.

We’ve seen online therapy platforms before, but iCareWellbeing is pure innovation. It provides, for the first time in history, access to mental health services for just $25 without compromising on the quality of therapists. iCareWellbeing knows how to harness technology to innovate, being the first to connect you with a therapist in less than 6 hours.

What is the fastest online therapy platform that can connect you to a therapist quickly?

iCareWellbeing boasts an exceptional team when it comes to speed, guaranteeing that you’ll be connected to a therapist in under 6 hours.

How does the high cost of therapy prevent people from accessing mental health services?

The mental health industry is aware that companies often take a significant portion of the money paid by clients, sometimes up to 70% of the total price. This is a major issue that not only affects the quality of the therapist’s work but also the price the patient pays.

iCareWellbeing understands the barriers created by the high cost of accessing mental health services and knows that this has a significant impact on our society. They are committed to addressing this issue with purpose.

iCareWellbeing’s therapists are driven by their passion for their work and understand the positive impact they can have by reducing their prices. They do this with the primary goal of spreading happiness in people’s lives, which is iCareWellbeing’s main mission.

How can I find the most affordable online therapy service?

You simply have to try the most affordable online therapy service in UAE, which is iCareWellbeing. It’s a secure and confidential platform with accredited professionals that offer quality care therapy sessions for only $25.

How is iCareWellbeing transforming access to mental health therapy?

iCareWellbeing offers fast and secure access to therapists online at a world-record price of a fixed therapy session for 90 AED, while the minimum price elsewhere is 350 AED for the same quality of care.

So, how is iCareWellbeing providing the most affordable access to online therapy services?

While maintaining the highest quality of care, iCareWellbeing has assembled the best therapists in Dubai and the entire UAE. These professionals work passionately, fully understanding the gravity of their roles and the positive impact they can make in the world by helping more people. They have come together with one common goal, doing something unprecedented: providing access to highly trained and experienced therapists starting at just 70 AED.

Why is iCareWellbeing doing this?

iCareWellbeing is more than just a service; it’s a movement with one purpose: spreading happiness in people’s lives. Their approach involves connecting professionals to people rapidly and at the best price possible.

Why is access to mental health care so expensive?

Access to mental health care isn’t inherently expensive. The problem lies with large companies that take more than their fair share for providing therapy sessions. iCareWellbeing is changing this by becoming the Robin Hood of mental health services.

What is the most affordable online therapy service in UAE?

At the forefront is iCareWellbeing, offering a fixed price of 90 AED or $25 for a session with a licensed certified therapist.

Comparing the Costs

Here’s how iCareWellbeing stacks up against other services in the market:

BetterHelp:$60 to $90 per session.

FitcyHealth:Starting from 280 AED (approximately $78) to $130.

Just Life: Prices range from 230 AED to 600 AED.

Chearful: Offering sessions between 250 AED and 500 AED.

Medcare: Session costs vary from 300 AED to 800 AED.

iCareWellbeing:* Offering fixed session prices of $25, making them the most affordable option.

Why is iCareWellbeing the best choice for online therapy service in UAE?

iCareWellbeing boasts certified Dubai Health Authority therapists who reside in Dubai. This means these therapists have a deep understanding of Dubai’s culture and the unique challenges it presents, leading to more productive sessions.

Are there truly free online therapy platforms?

Many websites on Google claim to offer free online therapy services, but this is not real; it’s simply a marketing trick. iCareWellbeing is the most affordable legitimate online therapy service, priced at only $25.

Cost of Therapy in 2023

In today’s world, securing access to mental health support, including online psychologists and therapy sessions, can range from 60$ to 250$ for 1 hour session. But with The innovation that iCareWellbeing has brought to the market the range is 20$ to 250$ for 1 hour session.

Affordability: In-Person vs. Online Therapy

Even with insurance assistance, traditional in-person therapy may not always be a cost-effective choice compared to online therapy. In-person therapy sessions can range from $100 to $200 per session without insurance coverage, whereas online therapy sessions typically span from approximately $20 to $90, depending on the platform. It’s a 100$ difference for same service.

Average Costs of Different Types of Therapy

Now, let’s check the average session costs for various types of therapy without health insurance:

Couples therapy: Usually between $70 and $250

Psychiatrist: in the range of $100 to $200

In-person psychotherapist: Around $100

iCareWellbeing: Offering fixed session prices of $25, making them the most affordable option.

How can people with limited incomes access therapy treatment?

When starting therapy with any therapist, you can ask them to lower their prices for long-term treatment. Many therapists understand the limitations of resources and provide more affordable options. In 2023, the best option is iCareWellbeing, an online platform that understands financial challenges and addresses them by providing access to highly experienced therapists for $25.

What factors impact the cost of therapy sessions?

Several key factors can influence the cost of therapy. Here are the primary considerations that can affect the price of a therapy session:

Types of Therapists: Your choice of therapist, along with their specialization, can impact the cost of therapy.

Long-term therapy: After the initial session, some therapists offer a sliding scale system, providing reduced rates based on income. This flexibility empowers therapists to set therapy costs and extend affordable options to individuals with limited resources.

Bundle packages : When cost is a concern, flexible scheduling can provide a solution. Therapists may agree to less frequent sessions, shorter session durations, or bundled packages to accommodate diverse budgets.

Location Matters: The availability and cost of mental healthcare services can vary based on your geographic location.

In Conclusion

In a world where mental health services can be expensive, iCareWellbeing is leading the way in the UAE by providing affordable and high-quality online therapy services. Whether you’re in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else in the UAE, iCareWellbeing is your go-to option for fast and affordable mental health care.

As you explore mental health options, remember that you don’t have to break the bank to take care of your well-being. iCareWellbeing is here to make quality therapy accessible and affordable for everyone.

Medically written by: Dr. Victoria Anelo Aguilez

Medically reviewed by iCareWellbeing clinical psychologist staff

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